Friday, July 1, 2011


Did you see (my close personal friend, and one-time guest blogger) Laureen Harper on Thursday when Will and Kate arrived in Canada for their Royal tour? Here are two photos:

This is not great, right?

Personally I don't care for thematic clothes, and the tendency of Canadian female politicians to wear red and white ensembles on and around Canada Day is very cheesy.  But when I first saw these pictures I was focused on her shoes. "Did Laureen invent a time machine, travel back to the late 80s and steal these from the wardrobe mistress of 227 who was planning on having Jackée Harry wear these on the Christmas extravaganza episode where Marla Gibbs and Jackée share an emotional scene on the stoop that culminates in one of them asking, Did you ever notice that we live on the set of Sesame Street?"

But it turns out that while I think these shoes are ugly and dated, they're actually new and were designed for the event by this dude. So here's the question, are these shoes ugly or am I completely out of touch with fashion trends?

I do think that Laureen should get partial points for her outfit, considering the spectacularly ugly ensemble worn to the same event by Governor General David Johnston's wife (in the purple):

Good job, Laureen, for avoiding the pitfalls of asymmetrical ruching, sloppy, raw hems, bows and necklaces made out of curtain ties. I'm not even going to comment on the white belt, or the goofy guy you brought as your date.


  1. I don't hate the shoes but combined with the red and white outfit they are a bit much. I'm thinking they would work better with an outfit in more neutral colours.

    And yes, the GG's wife's outfit is an eye-bleeder. Yuck. That dress wouldn't look good on anyone, anyway, and that necklace takes it to a new low.

  2. The gg's dress reminds me of one my mom had. In 1980.
    I don't find the shoes as ugly as crocs, but I cannot say they are my favorite.

  3. My friend wore that same dress in royal blue to our semi-formal! I am of mixed minds on Laureen's shoes, I agree that a more neutral outfit would have set them off better. Too matchy matchy is never a good thing.

  4. Are those supposed to be big roses on them or maple leaves?? If the American politicians could get into the ugly heels trend, it would make political debates way more interesting....

    Oh, and NO shoes are as ugly as crocs *shudder*

  5. @hodgepodgeandstrawberries -- and the backside of it was no better. More ruching, and an equally uneven hem. I don't even think Kate (w/ her lovely figure and good posture) could pull of this look.

    @happygeek -- I like Crocs! They're ugly, but at the rate my kids go through shoes their price is right. Do I get partial points for never wearing them out of the house and never coordinating them w/ my outfit?

    @Jennifer -- Did you see the outfits Duchess Kate & the Governor General's wife wore on Canada Day? White dresses, red hats -- very matchy-matchy. I can't find a clear picture of Laureen's outfit that day, but it appeared to be sage green.

    @Marty -- The designer says the embellishment is "a present bow." When I saw the shoes initially I thought Laureen was rockin' the Sarah Palin high heeled naughty school teacher look.

  6. Oh, now all the perverts googling 'asymmetrical ruching' are going to end up at your blog...

  7. Somehow I missed this post about the royal visit - I had been wondering if you had thought on the matter??

    I had not realized that Kate was so tall until that last picture. She does have excellent posture!

    I was catching up on watching old recorded shows from the DVR this afternoon. I just watched Oprah's Royal Wedding episode where all the guests dressed in their wedding "finery". It was an appalling wash of bright, gaudy colors. Similar to the assymetrical, purple dress. I guess we should all take a look back to the Mother Land for lessons on how to dress for company?? Funny ~