Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Honour Of Halloween, A Temporal Anomaly.


My Halloween costume is all ready to go. I tried it on tonight:

It may look like I'm dressed as a member of Starfleet, but really I am dressed as my seventeen year old self, dressed as a member of Starfleet. It's META, baby.

Alas, during the last 21 years I developed hips and breasts so the effect is somewhat ruined.


  1. You look EXACTLY the same! Fantastic !!!! Xx

  2. dear lord woman. you DON'T age. what is your secret? HAPPY Halloween!

  3. LOVE. though the 2011 hair does need that little extra flip to the side...

  4. When I made the costume, I expected it to be worn only the one night but, thanks to the immutablillty of polyester, it still hasn't fallen apart! You're holding together pretty well yourself!

    Love, Mom

    KIRK: If change is - inevitable - predictable - beneficial - doesn't logic demand that you be a part of it?

    MIRROR MIRROR; Star Trek: The Original Series

  5. You have to know how completely overjoyed I am you did this? You look great in your costume. I mean uniform!

  6. Also, wtf, you got boobs?? Totally not fair, I'm still waiting for those... oh wait, I did get them for nursing. And then lost them just as quick...

  7. Dear Lord you have not aged. Totally unfair. This is awesome by the way.