Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And The Bells Were Ringing Out For Christmas Day. The Parade Of Ornaments Continues!

This is my favourite Christmas decoration of all time:

Presently these skates are hanging in our front hall. Like many of the decorations from yesterday, these were done by my mom.  She is very crafty.

Two funky wall-hanging Santas she made: 

The mater also made the two cloth Santas on this shelf. The other Christmas decoration is some kind of fussy little vinaigrette decanter painted like a snowman. The wooden toys and mancala live on that shelf year round, and I think they're lovely.

I also have ornaments made by Zarf and Klaxon:

I'm still using up the 1000 popsicle sticks I bought 7 years ago. I got a VERY good deal on them, but there are just not that many ways to use popsicle sticks before you lose your freakin' mind.

"You like metal ornaments, but Dad prefers cloth ones, like these old-fashioned Santas." observed Zarf on Saturday, as we decorated the tree. Alas the old-fashioned Santas are from my childhood and now he's given me the gift of feeling old.

But Zarf is correct, I do like metal or pewter ornaments. Sometimes my Nanny buys me a pewter ornament that commemorates an aspect of Newfoundland culture, like this one:

This is St Thomas' Anglican Church (located in St John's, NF) and it was built in 1836.

"Here is the ornament that my Nanny bought at great personal sacrifice to her everlasting soul," I say to my husband every year, as I place it on a tree "Wasn't it nice of my Nanny to acknowledge your unseemly Protestantism by purchasing this bedeviled ornament?" Mr Wrath agrees, and will invariably comment that it is the SECOND best gift he's ever been given by my grandmother. He says the BEST present she's ever given was for our wedding. She purchased a year of prayers said in honour of our marriage by an order of cloistered, Catholic nuns.

This ornament is as large as my head. Zarf bought it for his brother three years ago, because he believes that BIGGER is better. Ah. Boys and their balls. What is a mother to do.

I get a bit freaked out by angels. So there are only two on our tree. The one above I bought for Zarf's first Christmas (The ornament I bought for Klaxon's first Christmas broke long ago). Below is an angel I bought in London in 1997.

This ornament came from Germany in 1975:

I still desperately want a green Tyrolean hat. I have never wanted those pigtails.

Here's a robot that is adorable:

Of course I have to have at least ONE Star Trek ornament on the tree.

THAT'S IT. Save for the tree topper. But that will have to wait until tomorrow...


  1. Hooray for the Janeway ornament!

    Also, I think your Nanny and her gifts ROCK :)

  2. That little robot looks like the characters from Roly, Poly, Olly! So cute...I love a tree with ornaments that have meaning.

    Unlike my Hubby, who took years of retraining to convince that a tree with meaning was better than his department store, fully co-ordinated tree.

  3. I cannot believe your nanny gave you an ornament in the shape of a Protestant church. My grandma would NEVER give us something pope-related. Or Mary-related. She's still coming to terms with my husband's Catholicism.

  4. These ornaments (excluding the Star Trek one) are beautiful! I especially love the popsicle stick ones- which is totally weird because I hate popsicle sticks. It's a texture thing. I'm a little jealous that you have so many sentimental ornaments.

    I'm also embarrassed that my favorite ornament is my dog wearing four bikini tops to cover her eight nipples. I mean it's not even accurate. She has twelve nipples.

    I have to get busy crafting.

  5. You remember the thing about my husband and his giant balls? Yup. I have a bald ugly reindeer ornament from when I was little. Several of our ornaments are ugly but meaning-loaded. And my mother's crafty too! Maybe it skips a generation?

  6. LOVE the Nanny story, very funny!

  7. I love Christmas ornament posts! Even if I am late to the party.