Monday, December 19, 2011

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright. Part 1 of My Ornamental Extravaganza.

In this town we are always guaranteed a White Christmas and a White Easter. I'm trying not to think about the latter and concentrate on getting the house ready for the former. These decorations are helping:

 Zarf and Klaxon did the obligatory pre-fad gingerbread in a box craft last week. This year I used a Made In Canada product. In the plus column: the houses smell like real gingerbread, the candies were not rock hard. In the minus column: the icing wasn't  sticky enough. Next year we'll either buy the Made In China kits or add white glue to the icing.

 I picked up this classic 70s ornament at a garage sale. He makes me smile.

 My kids can't agree on whether the Santa calendar is counting DOWN from 25, but going UP the tree, or whether we should move the stocking down from the star until we reach December 25th. I'm staying out of it, and amusing myself that every time the other leaves the room, his brother moves the stocking.

I have a proper (c)hanukkiyah but it's super-sized and the cat would just knock it over. I put out the temple menorah just as a symbol of Hanukkah, plus it doubles as a Kwanzaa kinara.

The wooden Santa is another thrift store find that I keep because he's not a Coca-Cola Santa.

This is a Santa my mom made. He hits bad children with that stick is my theory.

Another mom-made Santa. He's made with wood from an old cabin on my dad's wood lot.

I'll continue this holiday decor parade tomorrow when I show off our ornaments. But here's a sample:

Klaxon made this when he was four. It's called "A Tim Horton's Coffee Cup that Someone Threw Down In A Snowbank." It's very festive, yes?


  1. You have been busy, or maybe it was me who was busy. I would give anything for a white Christmas! Our dustings that immediately melt continue.

    Can't wait to see more ornaments and of course the vivid descriptions.

  2. What, no white Halloween? I like the stick Santa, that's way better than the elf-on-a-shelf to threaten children with, much more direct and all...

  3. Utterly gorgeous. ALL OF IT! ESP the gingerbread house xx

  4. I love all these decorations so very much, I can't even tell you. The gingerbread house is quite lovely! I had icing like that one year. This year I had rock hard thick icing that didn't cover very much. Oh well. I'm just happy no one tried to consume it.

  5. I had to laugh at that last one! Very festive, yes.