Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Patrick Stewart Excitation.

It's been over a week since we returned from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. I suspect that the statute of limitations on blogging about it  has lapsed. Or at the very least: the statute of limitations on reading blog posts about the CCEE has lapsed.

Either way, I hope you'll tolerate one final post about that weekend.

• • • • • • • •

There were 2 components to this year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. There was a general conference held at the BMO Centre from April 27 til April 29. We bought 3-Day passes so we could attend panels, check out the vendors, and soak up some nerd-centric culture. The CCEE also hosted a separate evening panel called "TNG EXPOsed" on April 28 that showcased the cast of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We did not buy tickets for this event. After 10 years of parenting I was confident that my "Young Children Do NOT Enjoy Watching Adults -- Even Famous Adults -- Sit Around and Talk" Hypothesis would be validated in the form of cranky, misbehaving children. My theory was proven correct when my fidgety 8-year old requested we leave the Wheaton/Burton/Spiner panel before it concluded. Regardless I was disappointed to realize I wouldn't see Patrick Stewart (aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard) because his conference panel was scheduled for late Sunday.

After we were shut-out of the BMO Centre (aka when we hung-out with a seething quagmire of nerds in the BMO Centre parking lot because the Calgary Expo organizers oversold the venue and put lives at risk) we took a ride on the C-Train (THANKFULLY small town kids are easily amused). Later we went to the hotel pool. Then I met up with Nicole & "HappyGeek75." It was great to meet some of my imaginary friends in real life. They're just as charming and funny in person as they are online. Plus they have shiny hair and smell like freshly baked waffle cones! ALSO I DRANK ALCOHOL! They helped me forget that I was disappointed about missing Captain Picard.

When they went home, I staggered back to our hotel room, and Mr Wrath, the Wrathlets and I left the hotel in search of dinner. Here's a thing you might not know about downtown Calgary: there are zero "family friendly" dining options. After 20 minutes we resigned ourselves to eating at the Palliser's dining room and headed back toward the hotel.

Today Sir Patrick Stewart is better known for his film and television work, but he got his start in the theatre. Which means he knows how to make his voice carry and he's not afraid to behave theatrically in order to get his point across. For the benefit of the audience up in the balcony. Or for the people trying to get around him and enter the Palliser Hotel and who didn't necessarily expect to see an angry senior citizen carrying on. Or for the benefit of Marina Sirtis who was standing next to Sir Stewart and was aware that he was making a bit of a scene.

For the last ten days Mr Wrath and I have been perfecting our Sir-Patrick-Stewart-Is-Standing-On-The-Street-Gesturing-Wildly-And-He-Is-Pissed impersonation by recreating the scene we witnessed:
Patrick: No, Marina. I BLOODY WELL am going to say something about it!
Marina Sirtis: Patrick, I really don't think it's the appropriate time to -- 
Patrick: NO! I'm going to bring it up tonight at the show. I want to say it. It's time we talked about this, Marina! It's been too long! We need to get it all out in the open!

At this point we entered the hotel lobby and couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. But first we walked by Wil Wheaton and his snazzy blazer! And I did NOT reach out and touch him! Also please note: I didn't touch Patrick Stewart. Though I could have because I was centimeters away from him. There was a time when I would not have passed up the opportunity to touch a strange man. Especially a strange FAMOUS man. That's some real personal growth, self.

• • • • • • • •

What was Sir Patrick upset about?, is the very logical question posed by the scene we witnessed. I have no idea. I watched clips from TNG EXPOsed on YouTube (hence the delay in writing this post), but it doesn't appear like Sir Patrick said anything heated. Should I just assume that Marina Sirtis channelled Counselor Troi and talked him down? Did Michael Dorn sit on Sir Patrick till he agreed to hold his tongue? Or did Michael Dorn literally hold PATRICK STEWART'S TONGUE!? Who knows? Any theories?

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Edited May 23, 2011.

Here's a photo montage from the night:


  1. Yeah, there aren't any family options in downtown Calgary. I should have said something! Actually I didn't think of it.

    Alcohol is great - it made you think of me in terms of shiny hair and waffle cone scent! When really I hadn't brushed my hair in a week and smelled like cigarettes and liquor.

    I kid. I aim to smell as tasty as possible. Because I'm a yummy mummy. GET IT?

    It was so fun to meet you and the Wrath guys. Come back soon!!!

  2. Well OBVIOUSLY he was pissed that you and your family had been shut out of the stupid conference by the stupid greedy douchebucket conference organizers. He was probably hoping you would volunteer to hold his tongue (too much?).

  3. OK, you were centimetres away from Sir Patrick and you restrained yourself?!?!?!

    You are a better woman than I. I'm not normally one to get starstruck but I would have thrown myself at his feet.

    1. I was being a good role model for my children! Outside I was calm & collected -- like a Vulcan. Inside I was squealing like a piggy.

  4. I think you should have asked for a lock of Patrick Stewart's hair. Also, how on earth could you have just walk past him carrying on like that? I totally would have grabbed the popcorn!