Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Performance Anxiety. This Post is G Rated.

I have the sewing equivalent of stage fright. This is ironic because the sewing project that I'm having doubts about is for my sons' hip hop dance instructor.

This is a small gift -- I don't think it's customary to give presents to dance instructors in this town -- to show my gratitude for her patience with Zarf and Klaxon who have grown to love dance. I fear she may feel unappreciated since my sons and my friend's son were the only pupils to show up at a scheduled performance on the weekend. The ironic part is this: my sons both expressed reservations about performing on Saturday. I responded by assuring them that they only had to try their hardest and that being afraid is no excuse to opt for the easier path.

It would be easier on my nerves to pop over to the grocery store and pick up a $20 gift card for iTunes, but instead I'm going to steel my nerves and give these to the teacher:

They're Upcycled Grocery Totes. Is that apparent? I don't know…erm…maybe I'll include an explanatory card. I was aiming for an eclectic, eco-friendly, funky, heart-felt aesthetic. I used fabric scraps from other projects and reused some curtains and a batik skirt I found at the thrift store.

I like them. I think. Zarf -- age 10 -- likes them. Mr Wrath says he likes them. And Klaxon? He's eyeing up the gift card rack.


  1. They're great. I LOVE them and would personally be quite happy to have one. (HINT)

    Also, even if the dance teacher doesn't really LIKE them, they are a gift she can still use, they don't take up much space, and if she sees you around town and she isn't using them, it won't be embarrassing.

    1. YEAH!!!! I feel so much better now. I think they're quite cheerful and unlike those plasticy fabric ones from stores these can be washed. Plus they've got POCKETS. Oooh. Pockets are fancy.

  2. I think they are GREAT, GORGEOUS and GROCERYTASTIC! She is an ungrateful wench, the woman who receives these but does not use them. If you are Making one for Mary, then I want one too ! What a shame no one turned up. X

  3. Yup, I love them too. What a great gift idea!

    (Aside: I know a lady who made six tote bags out of a worn-out sail to use as Christmas gifts. Everyone who saw them LOVED them, and five years later she owns a thriving business and employs half a dozen people to keep up with orders for her "windbags". Your Snoopy totes could be the beginning of a thriving business concern. Teach the boys to sew - it could come in handy.)

  4. Those are awesome. Especially the snoopy one. I would totally use them. And by use I mean leave in my car and then forget every time I go into the grocery store.

  5. Everyone can use another TOTE, especially a dance teacher. I think you are spot on. She will love it!

  6. Nobody showed up for the performance? WTF? People with broken legs show up to dance for our dance teacher. The bags are awesome - I hate the ones that you can't wash. And pockets ARE cool. I totally know what you mean about the kids, though - Eve would be all over them, and Angus would be going "she really likes Starbucks".

  7. I LOVE THEM SO VERY MUCH! I would be so happy if someone gave me one, especially if it had Snoopy on it *cough cough*

    POCKETS TOO. Omg, love the pockets. Sometimes if you buy a card or something, you don't want it to get all squashed with everything else in the reusable bag. This is the single greatest idea since The New Adventures of Beeps and Barkley.

  8. They ARE awesome, everyone is right and oh the possibilities! I am thinking there must be Star Trek fabric out there in the galaxy. I would pay for one of these, seriously if I saw these at a craft sale or whatever.

    The teacher had better love them, I wish I could make these for my girls teachers.

  9. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I feel so much better. FREE BAGS FOR ONE AND ALL.

  10. I LOVE them! I wish you were really sending out free bags! Also, I'm totally impressed with your sewing skills.

  11. PS (although I don't see my prev post I'm assuming it's winging its way through the ethosphere (is that a word?) and will get there soon) How was the performance? How did the boys do?