Saturday, June 30, 2012

True Trek Strong And Free.

In honour of Canada's birthday on July 1st, here's a list of Star Trek appearances by Canadian people, places and things:

Toronto City Hall. One of the locations shown by the Iconian Gateway in TNG's "Contagion."

Calgary. Wesley Crusher went skiing there with Josh Albert. After Albert's death in TNG's "The First Duty," his father gave Wesley a sweater that Albert borrowed on the trip. 

Bruce Greenwood. A Quebecois actor with a Trek connection. He was Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek XI.

The Northwest Passage.  In "Scorpion," Voyager's crew applied the name to a route through Borg space. The real Northwest Passage is located in Canada's arctic waters. 

James Doohan. Better known as Montgomery Scott, Doohan was born in Vancouver and raised in Sarnia. He was injured at Juno Beach on D-Day. 

The Manitoba Journal of Interplanetary Psychology. Mentioned by Troi on TNG's "The Price."

Vulcan, Alberta. The closest humans can get to Spock's birthplace is this town in southern Alberta.

A Lucky Loonie. A family heirloom belonging to Canadian-born quisling Michael Eddington on DS9.

Ron Canada. This beloved character actor has been on Star Trek three times, but is not actually a Canadian citizen. I'm putting him on the list because I think his surname is awesome. Like Canada.

USS Yukon. One of Deep Space Nine's runabouts. It was named after the river, not the territory.

USS Gander. Named for the Gander River in Newfoundland this was another runabout featured in DS9.

Nicole DeBoer. On season 7 of DS9 she portrayed Ezri Dax, after whom I named my cat. 

Quadrotriticale was a fictional variety of grain derived from Triticale a wheat-rye hybrid developed in Canada in the last century. It was mentioned in the TOS episode "The Trouble With Tribbles."

Tom Jackson. He appeared in TNG's Journey End and is known in Canada for his philanthropic work and for headlining the annual Huron Carole tour.


William Shatner. Born in Montreal, "The Shat" was the lead of TOS and will one day be the Governor General of Canada. I can't wait until we adopt his revised lyrics for O Canada:

Happy Canada Day!


  1. That Borg picture made me laugh and laugh and LAUGH SO HARD - it's bloody brilliant. The first part is funny but then BAM - appuyer le "2" and I lost my shit utterly.

  2. Happy Canada Day! That picture made me laugh too, bang on.