Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world!

This is the weather forecast for tomorrow:
(The 70% refers to the 'probability of precipitation')

I'm beyond happy. For the last ten days we've had temperatures in the upper 20s. Which is much too heat for much too long. Not that we haven't found interesting ways to stay cool.

We've gone swimming at the lake:

Mr Wrath set up the camp stove in the backyard and then employed a small helper to make us dinner:

We've tootled about the lake in a catamaran styled raft:

And I've taken shelter under a very large parasol:

Like a lady.

Just the same, I'll be thrilled if the rains come tomorrow. 

But even if it doesn't rain, I'll keep reminding myself that in less than 60 days I'll be wearing a polar fleece sweater and scrapping frost off the car windows. It will be delicious. 


  1. That picture of you with the parasol is all sorts of awesome. OMG NEED PARASOL.

    I love the heat. I wish it was hot all the time. But then, I have AC in my house so I can sleep in comfort. I have the AC set at 24, does that count? But I truly love the feeling of sweltering. Maybe because it's novel for me? Maybe because it can snow in July and August here? I don't know.

  2. You are such a lovely lady! Your hair is longer too, huh?

    Please don't be alarmed if I just show up at your door some day and demand that you house my family and show us the splendor of your great wilderness. (I'm talking about the lake and the camping, nothing dirty)

    Rain. Yes. We need rain here badly. It is sadly affecting farmers now and the ten day forecast is over 32 every day (I converted just for you!) with 0% chance of rain. The weather.com 10-day is actually using 'drought conditions' to describe what's going on here. It's just pitiful.

    So...maybe tomorrow we should all post some winter pictures. I actually got excited when you mentioned polar fleece and frost.

    1. YES! I'm totally doing this. Tomorrow: photos of winter!

    2. And also: YES come and visit us. Bring bug spray, though.

  3. Well we are positively melting here...to the point there are extreme heat advisories and we cannot even go outside. All the community centres are set up as designated cooling facilities...just crazy hot. My van read 39 when I picked up the kids from camp today and that didn't even factor in humidity. The kids are swimming, rock climbing, doing WII fitness and not playing outside at all this week at camp and they are not complaining!

  4. You look adorable under your "parasol!" Yes, melting here too. C'mon Canada, send us some rain and cold air! I'm so tired of sweating. . .

  5. I keep telling myself that summer is short and snow is long every day when I get into a ridiculously hot car after work and think longingly of the days when window scrapping was required instead of worrying about heat stroke.

  6. We have AC but it's died twice. 31 inside the house is just cruel and unusual punishment. We stopped cooking altogether, because although the camp stove idea is kind of brilliant, it's not any cooler outside. Love your Royal Wave, though.