Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bow wow.

Meet Fogo, our slightly-used 3 month-old Dog Of Indeterminate Breeding. 

She and a sibling were taken from a nearby First Nations' community by a young woman after the owner said if he didn't find them homes, he was going to put them down. The mother was a German Shepherd and we assume the father was a Labrador cross. She found homes for both dogs, but last Sunday one of the new owners dumped Fogo off saying she couldn't take her anymore. She's not a bad dog, but she is a puppy.

And damn, puppies are hard work.

We brought Fogo home Monday. She's cute, she's sweet, she doesn't sleep. She's housebroken. She seldom barks and has already learned some basic commands. Also she's completely exhausting.


  1. Congratulations as your family extends!!!

  2. Completely adorable and those long legs. I see lots of walks in your future.

  3. She's so cute! Ah, puppies. I always think I want another and then I remember - DAMN, they are a lot of work. But oh, so sweet. PUPPY! Also - the housebroken thing is a very very good thing!

  4. So cute. Happy you found the right one.