Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feed Me, Seymour.

Osiris found a creative and messy and expensive way to let me know he is unhappy with recent changes to his diet:

Mostly he shredded the toilet paper off the rolls, but he did eat some. What does it say about diet cat kibble when toilet paper is more palatable.

After two days of not eating and five shredded rolls (after we took to hiding the rolls away, we realized he can open the bathroom cupboards), I broke down and bought another bag of his full fat kibble. It took an additional day before he resumed eating, but only when no one was watching. Ezri was not enthused with this development as she was enjoying eating both their allotments of food, diet and regular.


  1. Osiris! Naughty boy. Not that I don't understand the grumpiness about diet food.

  2. We had a cat and the vet told us to put him on a diet. But the diet food made him INSUFFERABLE. It was a nightmare. I finally started giving the cat the real food, just less of it, and supplemented that with a spoonful of the nasty canned stuff. It worked better. The diet food is low in fat, but also low in protein. They need the protein.

    Just my completely unsolicited advice. Or ASSvice if you prefer. LOL

  3. Aw. Poor chubby cat. But really, it's like eating "lite" peanut butter. Poor Osiris, I totally get you.

  4. We actually had to put one of those child locks on one of our kitchen cabinets because one of the cats would not stop going in there and shedding on everything. Why the hell he wanted to constantly snuggle the salad spinner was never discovered. Cats, what the hell.

    Nicole: lite PB is quite possibly one of the worst foods I have ever tried and I've tried some unfortunate foods in my time. It's just vile.

  5. Nice. They both have that "Hurry up and die so I can eat you" expression mastered.

  6. I have to share something gross here (with my apologies). My dog shreds tissues. But only USED tissues. Ew. And has been doing so for the almost eleven years that we have had her. Your picture reminded me of any number of places in my home during allergy season. It's just good fun.