Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Warp Speed Wednesday. Voyager, She Wrote.

Thirteen Episodes of Murder, She Wrote that fans of Star Trek: Voyager should definitely watch:

1. The Corpse Flew First Class

Starring Kate Mulgrew (aka Captain Katherine Janeway) as Sonny Greer.

Like Mulgrew (and hundreds of others) John S. Ragin worked on Star Trek and Murder She Wrote. This time he was Dr. Cliff Strayhorn.

On TNG he was Dr. Christopher in  Suspicions:

2. Dying Game
Starring Kate Mulgrew (aka Captain Katherine Janeway) as Maude Gillis:

Charles Park played that episode's murder victim, Henry Wilson:

Imdb says he was also the DS9 episode  The Collaborator. Here he is as Eblan:

Musetta Vander was in this episode, plus the VOY episode The Disease. In the former she was called Shirin Hourani, in the latter Derran Tal.

Well hello, Harley Venton! Aren't you a handsome fella. According to imdb, he was in the running to play David Addison on Moonlighting and lost out to Bruce Willis. Damn. I'd have preferred Venton. 

He was hired twice for MSW.  In The Dying Game  he was Clint Hallowell (see photo below) and in Murder on Madison Avenue he was Devery McFarlane. Devery?! That's an awful "name."

He worked on TNG twice:
Ensign Ro -- Ensign Collins 

3.  Ever After
Starring Kate Mulgrew (aka Captain Katherine Janeway) as  Joanna Rollins. Look at all her hair!

4. Time to Die

Starred Robert Beltran (aka Commander Chakotay) as Frank Garcia.

His wife was played by Marta Dubois.

On TNG's  she was Ardra in  Devil's Due.

5.  Double Jeopardy

Robert Beltran's (aka Commander Chakotay) character is much more likeable in this MSW appearance   as Father Michael

He shares screen time with Rosana De Soto. I know her better as Azetbur, the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Another familiar face popping up was Judith Jones.

Her TNG credit reads as "Unnamed Edo Girl" from Justice on the first season of TNG. 

Featuring Jeri Ryan (aka Seven of Nine) as Maura, a hustler and a con artist in Cairo. 

This episode contained an appearance by one of my all time favorite character actors James Read.

In addition to playing Murphy Michaels on season 1 of Remington Steele, Mr Read made an appearance in the Voyager episode Workforce Part 1 & 2. 

Two more familiar faces are Lee Meriweather and Eric Pierpoint as a duplicitous married couple:

I mentioned Lee Merriweather in the inaugural post of this series. She was Losira in That Which Survives. from the original series. She has three MSW credits:

Death 'N Denial - Vanessa Thorpe
Ship of Thieves - Leslie Hunter
A Lady in the Lake - Grace Overholtz

This was Eric Pierpoint's sole MSW credit, but he was on four Star Trek series: 

Star Trek: The Next Generation  Liaisons – Voval

Look at young Robert Duncan McNeill (aka Tom Paris):

He played Danny Kinkaid.

Despite how it may appear, Jessica is not drunk in this snap. She's picking fruit out of her fancy Hawaiian tipple.  She's with Gretchen German playing Liz Dougherty. The same actress was Rebecca Sullivan in Blaze of Glory on DS9.

Marty Rackham was Boone in this episode in MSW.

On DS9 he was Chu'lak in Field of Fire.

8. Len Cariou's MSW episodes are some of my favourite. I especially recommend Widow, Weep for Me. His Michael Haggerty  character was also in One White Rose for DeathJ.B. as in JailbirdAppointment in AthensThe Sicilian Encounter,  The List of Yuri Lermentov and Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice.

He was Admiral Edward Janeway in Coda on Voyager.

[Side note: he's Canadian!]

9. Robert Pine  played Ambassador Liria in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Chute". 

He has several MSW credits:

Death by Demographics –  Graham Forbes
Crimson Harvest –  Edgar Warner
For Whom the Ball Tolls –  Walter Gillrich
Class Act –  Sen. Andrew Grainger
Obituary for a Dead Anchor –   Doug Helman

Just for interest sake, here's a photo of his son, Christopher Pine (The new Kirk):

10. Michael Horton appeared in 12 episodes as Grady Fletcher. I recommend you watch him in the series' pilot: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes.

He shows up in Voyager as Kovin in  Retrospect.

11.  The Petrified Florist

Watch this one to see Richard Herd as Arnett Cobb. Trekkies know him as Admiral Owen Paris from EndgameAuthor AuthorInside Man and Pathfinder.

On MSW he also played Harvey McKittrick in Murder in the Electric Cathedral. Futhermore on Star Trek: The Next Generation he played  L'Kor in Birthright: Part 1 and Birthright: Part 2 . 

Make a point of spotting Sally Kellerman as Junie Cobb. She was Elizabeth Dehner in Where No Man Has Gone Before from TOS. 

 12. The Secret of Gila Junction.

Featuring  Jay Underwood as Spencer. He's also in  The Trouble with Seth (playing Will Rafferty). He was Mortimer Harren in Good Shepherd (VOY) which was a very interesting episode that showcased an interesting aspect of life on the ship. 

13. Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble 

That's Brad Dourif as Dr. Overman!

I know him better as Crewman Lon Suder from three episodes of Voyager: Meld Basics: Part 1 and  Basics: Part 2.

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  1. This is so odd, I have never seen anyone do the same exercise for another pair of shows so I can't work out whether it's just that there were only so many actors when these shows were made, or if there's some deeper link. I have to admit I've barely watched either - not having a TV can have that result...

  2. You should totally get a knighthood for your public services! This post smacks of dedication!