Murder, She Trekked.

The following is an exhausting -- but not exhaustive -- list of actors who appeared on Murder She Wrote and at least one of the incarnations of Star Trek. This began as a series of posts called Boldly Going Where No Murderer Has Gone Before. I collated the names into a more useful -- shut up! someone might find this information useful! -- form. It will be updated as time and obsessiveness permits.

Sam Anderson

TNG: The Royale -- Assistant Manager
MSW: Murder in Tempo -- Dan the Electrician
MSW: Twice Dead -- Stuart Himes
MSW:  Murder at a Discount -- Neil Fraser
MSW: Dead to Rights -- Ethan Stevens

René Auberjonois

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Colonel West
ENT: Oasis -- Ezral
DS9: series regular as Odo
MSW: Murder in a Minor Key -- Prof. Harry Papasian
MSW:  Mourning Among the Wisterias -- Homicide Captain Walker Thorn

Erick Avari

ENT: Terra Nova -- Jamin
VOY:  Destiny -- Vedek Yarka
TNG: Unification I -- B'iJik
MSW:  Mrs. Parker's Revenge -- Raul Jaffa

Lisa Banes
DS9: Equilibrium -- Dr. Renhol
MSW: A Shooting in Rome -- Lucy Hendrix

Melvin Belli
TOS: And The Children Shall Lead -- Gorgon
MSW: From the Horse's Mouth -- Judge Harley

Robert Beltran

VOY: series regular as Chakotay
MSW: Time to Die -- Frank Garcia
MSW: Double Jeopardy -- Father Michael

Bibi Besch
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan -- Carol Marcus
MSW: Murder by Twos -- Imogene Shaughnessy
MSW: A Very Good Year for Murder -- Fiona Gambini 

Leslie Bevis 
DS9: Broken Link -- Rionoj
DS9: The Abandoned -- Rionoj
DS9: The Homecoming -- Rionoj
MSW: School for Murder -- Barbara Desmond
MSW: Nan's Ghost -- Andrea Nadar

Theodore Bikel

TNG:  Family -- Sergey Rozhenko
MSW: Amsterdam Kill -- Inspector Van Horn
MSW: The List of Yuri Lermentov -- Yuri Lermentov
MSW:  Indian Giver -- Professor Harold Crenshaw
MSW: When the Fat Lady Sings -- Rosanno Bertolucci

Beau Billingslea
Star Trek Into Darkness -- Captain Abbot
MSW:  Three Strikes, You're Out -- Kel Murray

JC Brandy

TNG: Tapestry -- Marta
MSW: Game, Set, Murder -- Louise Henderson

Charlie Brill
TOS: Trouble with Tribble -- Arne Darvin
DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations -- Arne Darvin
MSW: Witness for the Defense -- Rudy

Joel Brooks

MSW: Unwilling Witness -- Ted Duffy
DS9: Move Along Home -- Falow

Georgia Brown

TNG: Family -- Helena Rozhenko
MSW: Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy? -- Kate Kelley
MSW: Trevor Hudson's Legacy -- Dorothy Westerfield

Robert Curtis Brown
DS9: Sanctuary -- Vedek Sorad 
VOY: Natural Law -- Ledosian ambassador.
MSW: Death by Demographics  -- Bud Forbes
MSW: Twice Dead -- David Randall
MSW: Murder on the Thirtieth Floor -- Steve DiNapoli 

Ray Buktenica

DS9: By Inferno's Light -- Deyos
MSW: Something Borrowed, Someone Blue -- Kyle Laughlin

Levar Burton

TNG: series regular as Geordi LaForge
MSW: Death Takes A Dive -- Dave Robinson

Len Cariou
VOY: Coda -- Admiral Edward Janeway
MSW: Widow, Weep for MeOne White Rose for DeathJ.B. as in JailbirdAppointment in AthensThe Sicilian Encounter,  The List of Yuri Lermentov and Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice -- Michael Haggerty

Bernie Casey
DS9: "The Maquis, Part I" and "The Maquis, Part II" -- Cal Hudson
MSW: Three Strikes, You're Out -- Doc Evans

Richard Cox

TNG: The High Ground -- Kyril Finn
MSW: Witness for the Defense -- Clay McCloud 

Ronny Cox

MSW: Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 1 & 2 -- Mayor Power
TNG: Chain of Command: Part 1 & 2 -- Captain Edward Jellico from

Melinda Culea
TNG: The Outcast -- Soren
MSW: The Mole -- Sara Lloyd
MSW: Murder in F Sharp -- Nicole Gary

Robin Curtis
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock -- Lt. Saavik 
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home -- Lt. Saavik 
 TNG: Gambit: Part 1 & 2 -- Tallera
MSW:  Murder Among Friends -- Rosemary Tynan

Leo Damian 

TNG: Loud As A Whisper -- Passion/Warrior 
MSW When the Fat Lady Sings -- Giorgio Russo

Kim Darby 
TOS: Miri -- Miri 
MSW: Flim Flam -- Joan Kemp
MSW: We're Off to Kill the Wizard -- Laurie Bascomb

Daniel Davis 

Ship in a Bottle and Elementary, Dear Data --

MSW: Badge of Honor -- Neal Dishman

Rosanna DeSoto
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Azetbur, the Chancellor of the Klingon High Council
MSW: Double Jeopardy -- Maria Galvan 

Tim DeZarn
VOY:. Repentance -- Warden Yediq
VOY: Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night -- Halb
TNG: Starship Mine -- Satler 
MSW movie: The Celtic Riddle -- Sargent

Diane DeLascio

ENT: Civilization -- Riann
MSW: Crimson Harvest -- Alicia Grimaldi 

Brad Dourif 
VOY:  Meld,  Basics: Part 1 & Basics: Part 2 -- Lon Suder 
MSW:  Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble -- Dr. Overman

Marta Dubois
TNG: Devil's Due -- Ardra
MSW: Time to Die -- Mrs Garcia

Paddie Edwards

TNG: The Dauphin -- Anya
MSW: Hit, Run and Homicide and  The Murder of Sherlock Holmes: Pilot -- Lois Hoey

Samantha Eggar

TNG:  Family -- Marie Picard
MSW: Hooray for Homicide -- Marta Quintessa

Robert Ellenstein
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home -- Federation Council President
TNG:  Haven  -- Steven Miller
MSW:  Dead Heat  --  Mr. P

Fionnula Flanagan 
ENT: Fallen Hero -- Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar
DS9: Dax -- Enina Tandro
TNG: Inheritance -- Dr. Juliana Tainer
MSW: Steal Me A Story -- Freida Schmidt:
MSW: A Killing in Cork -- Fiona Delaney Griffith:
MSW: Nan's Ghost -- Eileen O'Bannon
MSW movie: The Celtic Riddle -- Margaret Byrne

Robert Foxworth 
ENT: Kir'SharaAwakening, The Forge -- Administrator V'Las
DS9:  Paradise Lost, Homefront -- Admiral Leyton
MSW: School for Murder -- Prof. Harry Matthews

Robin Gammell

TNG: Attached -- Mauric
MSW: The Dead File -- Roger Meltong
MSW: Harbinger of Death -- Dr Thor Lundquist

TNG: The Drumhead -- Simon Tarsers.
MSW: Southern Double-Cross -- Nicholas Derby
MSW: Murder at a Discount -- Aaron Woodman

Gretchen German
MSW: Death in Hawaii -- Liz Dougherty
DS9: Blaze of Glory -- Rebecca Sullivan

John Glover
DS9: Invasive Procedures -- Verad 
MSW: One White Rose for Death -- Franz Mueller
MSW: When Thieves Fall Out -- Andrew Durbin

Bruce Gray

TNG: Gambit: Part 1 -- Admiral Chekote
MSW: Murder on the Thirtieth FloorMurder at a Discount, and  A Killing in Vegas -- Ted Hartley
MSW: Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble -- R. L. Pierson
MSW: Hit, Run and Homicide -- Dean Merrill

Molly Hagan

DS9:  The Jem'Hadar  -- Eris
MSW: To Kill a Legend -- Amelia Farnum
MSW: Dead to Rights -- Dana Ballard

John Hancock 

TNG: The Defector and The Wounded -- Admiral Haden
MSW: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes -- Daniel

Jerry Hardin

TNG: Time's Arrow: Part 1 and 2 -- Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) 
TNG: When the Bough Breaks -- Radue 
MSW: Northern Explosion. -- Hamish McPherson
MSW: What You Don't Know Can Kill You -- Tom Sampson
MSW: A Nest of Vipers -- Norman Gilford

Mariette Hartley
TOS: All Our Yesterdays -- Zarabeth 
MSW: Night of the Coyote -- Susan Lindsay

Richard Herd
VOY: EndgameAuthor AuthorInside Man and Pathfinder -- Admiral Owen Paris
TNG: Birthright: Part 1 and Birthright: Part 2 -- L'Kor
MSW: The Petrified Florist -- Arnett Cobb
MSW: Murder in the Electric Cathedral -- Harvey McKittrick

Gregg Henry 
Star Trek: Insurrection -- Gallatin
MSW: Broadway Malady (13 January 1985) - Barry Bristol  
MSW: Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 1 -- Sheriff Lynn Childs  
MSW: Death Stalks the Big Top: Part 2  -- Sheriff Lynn Childs  
MSW: The Taxman Cometh  --  Richard Wellstood  
MSW: The Big Kill  --  Carl Ward  
MSW: Crimson Harvest  -- Lars Anderson  
MSW: Mrs. Parker's Revenge --  Mark Reisner  

Robert Hooks
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock -- Admiral Morrow
MSW: The Scent of Murder -- Kendall Ames
MSW:  Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday -- Everett Charles Jensen 

Michael Horton

Star Trek: First Contact  -- Lt. Daniels 

Star Trek: Insurrection -- Lt. Daniels
VOY: Retrospect -- Kovin
MSW: 12 appearances as Grady Fletcher beginning with the series' pilot  The Murder of Sherlock Holmes.

ENT: Two Days and Two Nights -- Risian Man
MSW: Proof in the Pudding -- Timothy Milner

Gregory Itzin 
DS9: Who Mourns for Morn? -- Hain
DS9: Dax -- Ilon Tandro
VOY: Critical Care -- Dr. Dysek
ENT: Shadows of P'Jem -- Captain Sopek
ENT: In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II -- Admiral Black
MSW: Frozen Stiff -- Ralph Brewer

Judith Jones 
TNG: Justice -- "Unnamed Edo Girl"
MSW: The Legacy of Borbey House -- Molly Holt
MSW: Double Jeopardy -- Ruth Nelson

Renee Jones

TNG: Aquiel -- Aquiel
MSW: Deadly Bidding -- Reggie Evers

Stanley Kamel 

TNG: Where No One Has Gone Before -- Kosinski
MSW: The Family Jewels -- Sid Staples
MSW: Weave a Tangled Web -- Frankie

Andreas Katsulas

MSW: A Killing in Vegas -- Jerry Pappas
ENT: Cogenitor -- Vissian Captain Drennik
TNG: "All Good Things...," "Future Imperfect,"  "The Defector," and "The Enemy." -- Commander Tomalak

Sally Kellerman

TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before -- Elizabeth Dehner 
MSW: The Petrified Florist -- Junie Cobb

Thomas Kopache
TNGEmergence -- The Engineer
TNGThe Next Phase  --  Mirok
Star Trek: Generations  --  Com Officer
VOYThe Thaw --  Viorsa
DS9Ties of Blood and Water  --  Kira Taban
DS9Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night  --  Kira Taban
ENT: Harbinger -- The Alien
ENT: Broken Bow: Part 1 -- Vulcan Attaché Tos
MSW: Nan's Ghost: Part 1 & 2 -- Leonard

Alice Krige
Star Trek: First Contact -- Borg Queen
VOYEndgame --The Borg Queen
MSW: Murder in the Afternoon -- Nita Cochran

Wallace Langham

VOY: Once Upon a Time -- Flotter T. Water III
MSW: Dead to Rights -- Todd Merlin

Scott Lawrence
Star Trek Into Darkness -- U.S.S. Vengeance Officer
VOY: The Void -- Garon
MSW: Steal Me a Story -- Assistant Director

Ben Lemon

TNG: Violations -- Jev
MSW: Track of a Soldier -- Jed Bullock

Norman Lloyd

TNG: The Chase -- Professor Galen in 
MSW: If the Frame Fits -- Lloyd Marcus
MSW: Murder in White -- Edward St. Cloud
MSW: The Committee -- Philip Arkham

Lawrence Luckinbill
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier -- Sybok
MSWDear Deadly  -- John Galloway
MSWLone Witness  --  Lt. Steve Warren
MSWMurder Through the Looking Glass  --  Sgt. Cooper
MSWA Lady in the Lake --  Howard Crane

Richard Lynch

TNG: Gambit: Part 2 and Part 1 -- Baran
MSW: Amsterdam Kill -- Philip de Kooning
MSW: To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee -- Michael O'Connor

Stephen Macht
DS9: The Siege -- Krim
DS9: The Circle -- Krim
MSW: Track of a Soldier -- Arthur Wainwright
MSW: Bloodlines -- Lloyd
MSW: A Killing in Vegas -- Frank Stinson
MSW: Moving Violation -- Attorney Jason Farrell
MSW: Capitol Offense -- Congressman Dan Keppner

Robert Mandan
DS9: Cardassians -- Kotan Pa'Dar
MSW: Three Strikes, You're Out -- Irving Randolph

Peter Mark

TNG: The Neutral Zone -- Ralph Offenhouse
MSW: Deadline for Murder --  Lamar Bennett

Scott Marlowe

TNG: Ensign Ro -- Keeve Falor
MSW: School for Murder -- Avery Nugent

Marta Martin

Star Trek (reboot) -- Medical Technician
MSW: Game, Set, Murder -- Francesca Garcia

Dakin Matthews
VOY: Relativity -- Admiral Patterson
MSW: The Scent of Murder -- Buford Hazlitt
MSW: A Killing in Cork -- Dennis Moylan
MSW: The Wind Around the Tower -- Neal Gillen

Matt McCoy

TNG: The Price -- Devinoni Ral
MSW: Mourning Among the Wisteria -- Todd Wendle

Scott McGinnis

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock -- Mr. Adventure, aka Transporter operator that Uhura forces into a closet at phaser point
MSWBite the Big Apple -- Scott Freelander

ENT: Canamar -- Nausicaan prisoner
MSW: Ever After -- Bo Wilder
MSW: The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane -- Richard
MSW: Smooth Operators -- Leon Schnable
MSW: Death Takes a Dive -- Sean Shaleen

Kate McNeil
ENT: Affliction -- Commander Collins
MSW: A Virtual Murder & Harbinger of Death

Robert Duncan McNeill
Series regular on Voyager as Tom Paris
MSW: Death in Hawaii -- Danny Kinkaid

John Miranda
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home -- 2nd Garbageman

 Murder in the Afternoon  --  Prop Man

MSW: Murder at the Oasis  -- Gus

Lee Meriweather 
TOS: That Which Survives. -- Losira
MSW: Death 'N Denial -- Vanessa Thorpe

MSW: Ship of Thieves -- Leslie Hunter
MSW: A Lady in the Lake -- Grace Overholtz

Ricardo Montalbán
TOS: Space Seed -- Khan
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan -- Khan
MSW: Murder in F Sharp -- Vaacclav Maryska

Iona Morris

VOY: Workforce: Part 1Workforce: Part 2 -- Umali
MSW: Game, Set, Murder -- Lt Estelle Garr

Diana Muldaur 

TOS:  Is There in Truth No Beauty? -- Dr. Miranda Jones
TOS:  Return to Tomorrow -- Ann Mulhall
TNG: series regular for season 2 as  Doctor Pulaski
MSW: Footnote to Murder --  Alexis Post

Kate Mulgrew

VOY: series regular as Katherine Janeway
MSW: The Corpse Flew First Class -- Sonny Greer
MSW: Dying Game -- Maude Gillis
MSW: Ever After -- Joanne Rollins

George Murdock
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier -- God [but not really. He was an angry alien pretending to be God.]
TNGThe Best of Both Worlds: Part 2 -- Admiral J. P. Hanson
TNGThe Best of Both Worlds: Part 1 -- Admiral J. P. Hanson
MSWMurder in the Afternoon -- Officer Kaplan

Christopher Neame 
ENT: Storm Front: Part 1 & 2 -- German General
VOY: Heroes and Demons -- Unferth
MSW: Nan's Ghost -- Dr. John Sullivan 
MSW: The Legacy of Borbey House -- Peter Jatich.

Stephanie Niznik
Star Trek: Insurrection -- Perim
ENT: Rogue Planet  -- The Wraith
MSWHome Care -- Dorie Saunders

Natalija Nogulich

TNG: - Preemptive Strike Journey's End Descent: Part 1,  and  Chain of Command: Part 1 -- Admiral Alynna Nechayev
DS9: The Search: Part 2 The Maquis: Part 2 -- Admiral Alynna Nechayev
MSW: Murder a la Mode -- Denise Naveau
MSW: The Classic Murder -- Marika Valenti

Jeffrey Nordling

DS9: Past Prologue -- Tahna
MSW: To Kill a Legend -- Richard Hawkes
MSW: Dead to Rights -- Bruce Hastings

Tim O'Connor
TNG: The Perfect Mate --  Ambassador Briam
MSW:  Deadline for Murder -- Walter Revere

Tricia O'Neal
TNG: Suspicions -- Kurak
TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise -- Rachel Garrett
DS9: Defiant -- Korinas
MSW: Lines of Excellence -- Linda Truitt
MSW: From the Horse's Mouth -- Althea Mayberry
MSW: Trouble in Eden -- Lila Benson
MSW: Murder in the Afternoon -- Bibi Hartman
MSW: The Murder of Sherlock Holmes: Pilot -- Ashley Vickers

Cyril O'Reilly

DS9: Who Mourns for Morn? -- Nahsk
MSW: A Killing in Cork -- Patrick Griffith
MSW: An Egg to Die For -- Leo Stone
MSW: Snow White, Blood Red -- John Dowd
MSW movie: The Celtic Riddle -- Paddy Whelen

Charles Park 
MSW: Dying Game -- Henry Wilson
DS9:The Collaborator -- Eblan

Brock Peters
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home -- Admiral Cartwright
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Admiral Cartwright
DS9: Homefront  -- Joseph Sisko  
DS9: Paradise Lost  --  Joseph Sisko  
DS9: A Time to Stand  --  Joseph Sisko  
DS9: Far Beyond the Stars  --  Joseph Sisko / Preacher  
DS9: Image in the Sand  --  Joseph Sisko  
DS9: Shadows and Symbols  --  Joseph Sisko  
MSWTrial by Error  -- Thornton Bentley

Robert Pine 
VOY: The Chute -- Ambassdor Liria
ENT: Fusion -- Captain Tavin
MSW: Death by Demographics –  Graham Forbes
MSW: Crimson Harvest –  Edgar Warner
MSW: For Whom the Ball Tolls –  Walter Gillrich
MSW: Class Act –  Sen. Andrew Grainger
MSW: Obituary for a Dead Anchor –   Doug Helman

Eric Pierpoint
ENT: Terra Prime ,Demons ,  Divergence & Affliction -- Harris
ENT: Rogue Planet – Shiraht
TNG: Liaisons –- Voval
DS9: For the Uniform –- Captain Sanders
VOY: Barge of the Dead -– Kortar 
MSW: Death 'N Denial -- Bradford Thorpe

Maryann Plunkett
TNG: Identity Crisis -- Lt. Cmdr. Susanna Leijten
MSW: School for Murder -- Claire Vickers

Lawrence Pressman

DS9:  Ties of Blood and Water Second Skin -- Ghemor
DS9: The Adversary -- Krajensky
MSW:  The Legacy of Borbey House -- Philip Holt
MSW: The Way to Dusty Death -- Tom Dutton
MSW: My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean -- George Reed

John S. Ragin

VOY: Suspicions -- Dr. Christopher
MSW: The Corpse Flew First Class -- Dr. Cliff Strayhorn.

Marty Rackham 
MSW: Death in Hawaii -- Boone
DS9: Field of Fire -- Chu'lak

James Read
MSW: Death 'N Denial -- Boyd Venton
VOY: Workforce Part 1 & 2 -- Jaffen

Duncan Regehr

TNG: Sub Rosa -- Ronin 
DS9:  The BegottenCrossfire, Shakaar -- Shakaar
MSW movie: A Story to Die For -- Yuri Malenkovich

Madlyn Rhue
TOS: Space Seed --  Marla McGivers
MSW: Seal of the Confessional -- Doris West
MSW: Murder in Tempo, Home Care, Wheel of Death, The Legacy of Borbey House  -- Jean O'Neill

Andrew Robinson 
DS9: series regular as Garek
MSW: A Killing in Cork -- Ambrose Griffith
MSW: An Egg to Die For -- James Harris

Eugene Roche
VOY: Remember -- Jor Brel
MSW: Bite the Big Apple --. Lt. Jack Boyle
MSW: Something Borrowed, Someone Blue -- Franklin Mayberry
MSW: Deadpan --. Lt. Aloyius Jarvis
MSW: Deadline for Murder -- Billy Simms

Mark Rolston
ENT: The Augments  --  Captain Magh
ENT:  Canamar  --  Kuroda Lor-ehn
TNG: Eye of the Beholder -- Lt. Walter Pierce
MSW: The Wind Around the Tower -- Liam Gillen
MSW: To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee -- Finn Dawley
MSW: A Killing in Cork and Another Killing in Cork -- Sgt Terence Boyle

Ned Romero 

TNG: Journey's End -- Anthwara
MSW: Northern Explosion -- Joe Quill

Joseph Ruskin

Star Trek: Insurrection -- Son'a Officer #3
ENTBroken Bow: Part 1 --  Suliban Doctor
VOY: Gravity -- Vulcan Master
DS9: Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places --Tumek
DS9: Improbable Cause -- Informant
DS9: The House of Quark -- Tumek
MSW: J.B. as in Jailbird   -- Ivanov

Leon Russon

DS9: The Die Is Cast -- Admiral Toddman
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Chief in Command
Game, Set, Murder -- Lane Henderson

Jeri Ryan
Series regular on Voyager as Seven
MSW: Death 'N Denial -- Maura

Mitch Ryan

TNG: The Icarus Factor -- Kyle Riker
MSW: Big Easy Murder -- Senator Brent Renwyck
MSW: The List of Yuri Lermentov -- Rep. Arthur Prouty
MSW: The Cemetery Vote -- Captain Ernest Lenko 
MSW: Capitol Offense -- Ray Dixon

Whitney Rydbeck

TNG:  Pen Pals -- Ensign Alans
MSW: To Kill a Legend -- Dr. Roy Blakely
MSW: Threshold of Fear -- Medical Examiner Freddie
MSW: Jack and Bill -- Hastings

Raphael Sbarge 

VOY: Investigations, Lifesigns, Dreadnough,ThresholdAlliances -- Michael Jonas
MSW: Nan's Ghost -- Peter Franklin
MSW: Hannigan's Wake -- Stephen Thurlow

Wendy Schaal
VOY: Real Life -- The Doctor's holographic wife 
MSW: Nan's Ghost, Part 1 and Part 2 -- Zuleika Brown

John Schuck
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Klingon Ambassador
VOYMuse  --  Chorus #2
ENT: Divergence  --  Antaak
ENT: Affliction  --  Antaak
MSW: Stage Struck  --  Chief Merton P. Drock
MSW: We're Off to Kill the Wizard  --  Capt. Davis

Carolyn Seymour 

TNG: Face of the Enemy  --  Commander Toreth
TNG: First Contact -- Mirasta Yale
VOY: Persistence of Vision and Cathexis -- Mrs Templeton
TNG: Contagion -- Subcommander Taris
MSW: Another Killing in Cork -- Nellie Ruddy
MSW: O'Malley's Luck -- Alice Montrose
MSW: It Runs in the Family -- Pauline Constable

Gregory Sierra

DS9: Second Skin -- Entek
MSW: Broadway Malady -- NYPD Det. Sgt. Moreno  
MSW: Murder Through the Looking Glass -- Sanchez  
MSW: Day of the Dead -- Ramon  
MSW: The Petrified FloristA Nest of VipersFilm Flam -- Lieutenant Gabriel Caceras  

Mark Sheppard

VOY: Child's Play -- Leucon
MSW movie: The Celtic Riddle -- Man In Car 

William Morgan Sheppard
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Klingon Commander
TNG: The Schizoid Man -- Dr. Ira Graves 
VOY: Bliss -- Qatai 
Star Trek (reboot) -- Vulcan Science Minister  
MSW movie: The Celtic Riddle -- Denny
MSW: Twice Dead -- Dr. Fredrick Grundberg

Geno Silva
ENT: United & The Aenar -- Senator Vrax
MSW:  Day of the Dead -- Police Chief Quezada

James Sloyan

TNG: The Defector -- Setol / Admiral Alidar Jarok
TNG: Firstborn -- K'mtar/Alexander Rozhenko 
DS9: The Begotten and The Alternate -- Dr. Mora
VOY: Jetrel -- Ma'bor Jetrel
MSW: Corned Beef and CarnageThe Body PoliticAlways a ThiefThe Great Twain RobberyMurder in F SharpSuspicion of MurderWhere Have You Gone, Billy Boy -- Robert Butler  

Bill Smitrovich
DS9: Past Tense: Part 1 and Part 2 -- Webb
MSW: Frozen Stiff -- Larry Armstrong (aka Leonard Atkins)

Paul Sorvino

TNG: Homeward -- Nikolai Rozhenko
TNG: Three Strikes, You're Out --  Al Siddell

David Spielberg

TNG:  Starship Mine --  Commander Hutchinson 
MSW:Menace, Anyone? -- Detective Travis 
MSW: Unauthorized Obituary -- Lt. Henry Girard 

David Ogden Stiers
TNG: Half a Life -- Timicin 
MSW: Death by Demographics -- Howard Deems
MSW: An Egg to Die For -- Sergei Nemiroff
MSW: Corned Beef and Carnage -- Aubrey Thornton

Gail Strickland

DS9: Paradise -- Alixus 
MSW: Steal Me A Story -- Kate Hollander
MSW: To Kill a Legend -- Edith Peabody

Nicholas Surovy
VOY: Time and Again -- Pe'Nar Makull
MSW: Murder Among Friends -- Leo Vardian
MSW: School for Murder -- James Ryerson
MSW: Night of the Coyote -- Ben Judson

Heidi Swedberg

DS9: Profit and Loss --  Rekelen
MSW: Proof in the Pudding -- Lorna Thompson

George Takei

TOS as series regular Sulu
MSW: The Bottom Line Is Murder -- Bert Tanaka

Hallie Todd 

TNG: Offspring -- Lal
MSW: Always a ThiefSee You in Court, BabyThe Great Twain RobberyMurder in F SharpSuspicion of MurderWhere Have You Gone, Billy Boy? -- Rhoda Markowitz  
MSW: Class Act -- Moira McShane

Jay Underwood

MSW: The Secret of Gila Junction -- Spencer
MSW: The Trouble with Seth -- Will Rafferty
VOY: Good Shepherd -- Mortimer Harren

Musetta Vander
VOY: The Disease -- Derran Tal
MSW: Dying Game -- Shirin Hourani

John Vargas
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan -- Jedda
VOY:  Concerning Flight -- Tau
MSW: South by Southwest  -- Guzman

Harley Venton 
TNG: Hero Worship -- Chief Hutchinson
TNG: Ensign Ro -- Ensign Collins 
MSW: Dying Game -- Clint Hallowell
MSW: Murder on Madison Avenue -- Devery McFarlane 

Nana Visitor
DS9: series regular as Kira Nerys
MSW: See you in Court Baby -- Marcia McPhee.

Gwynyth Walsh

TNG's Firstborn, and Redemption I &  II -- B'Etor
DS9: Past Prologue -- B'Etor
Star Trek: Generations -- B'Etor
MSW: Murder of the Month Club -- Gina Powell

Ray Walston

TNG: The First Duty -- Boothby
VOY: The Fight and In the Flesh -- Boothby
MSW: The Way to Dusty Death -- Q. L. Frubson 

David Warner
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier -- St. John Talbot
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country -- Chancellor Gorkon
TNGChain of Command: Part 2  --  Gul Madred
TNGChain of Command: Part 1  --  Gul Madred
MSW: A Death in Hong Kong  --  Insp. McLaughlin
MSW: The Szechuan Dragon  --  Justin Hunnicut

Lisa Wilcox

TNG: The Vengeance Factor -- Yuta
MSW: Murder on the Thirtieth Floor --  Lori Graham

Noble Willingham

TNG: The Royale -- Texas 
MSW: Angel of Death -- Sheriff Pat McAllester

William Windom 
TOS: The Doomsday Machine -- Matt Decker
MSW: appearedin  53 episodes as Seth Hazlitt

Paul Winfield

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan -- Terrell
TNG:  Darmok -- Captain Dathon
MSW: Tough Guys Don't Die -- Det. Lt. Starkey

Time Winters

TNG: The Wounded -- Glin Daro
MSW: Mrs. Parker's Revenge -- Dr. James Lamont
MSW: Murder in Milan --  Giorgio

Morgan Woodward 

TOS: The Omega Glory -- Captain Tracey
TOS: Dagger of the Mind -- Dr. Simon van Gelder 
MSW: Test of Wills -- Sheriff Brademus

Dey Young
ENT: Two Days and Two Nights -- Keyla
DS9:  A Simple Investigation -- Arissa
TNG: The Masterpiece Society --  Hannah Bates
MSW: Something Foul in Flappieville -- Mary Dorow

Anthony Zerbe:
Star Trek: Insurrection -- Dougherty 
MSW: Murder of the Month Club -- Matt Matthews

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Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comment section. 


  1. Ye gods. The sheer amount of work that went into this post is impressive.

    1. Thank you. It was a lot of work. Because of this I've also come to accept that the obsessive side of my personality needs to be squelched for a while.